Who we are

The team of Haedes is coached by pIEt Haerens and Renaat De Sutter. They lead the way and get inspired by the Haedes colleagues and by their partners from other engineering companies and knowledge institutes.

pIEt Haerens

Founder – Chief Soul & Strategy Officer – CSO

I have an open mind-set. I’m European & future oriented, passionately inspired by Nature, science & experiences.

I have completed my MSc. in Coastal & Marine Studies at the University of the Algarve (Portugal). As a creative consultant, expert & project manager, with more than 20 years of experience, it is my ambition to contribute to create solutions supporting humans and Nature. I like to team up with other experts & scientists to find truly sustainable solutions in the field of marine, offshore, ocean & coastal science & engineering. I have the ability to incorporate my expertise into typically disassociated fields. I’m equipped with energy & persistency to merge broad interests. My core field of expertise is related to ocean & offshore renewable energy, coastal systems and morphology, but also system and design thinking.

I’m a believer of design thinking, data-science, the use of artificial intelligence, neural networks & machine learning as next step for consultancy & engineering. I’m convinced that collaboration with citizens, local communities & stakeholders, to promote understanding of the oceans, seas and coast, is essential for a better future.

As Chief Soul Officer, I will facilitate living & leading from a place of authenticity and courage to realise a fulfilling existence of HAEDES, creating the added value our stakeholders are looking for. By leaning into our purpose I want to unleash our wildest potential and maximum impact in the world. Taking responsibility for nurturing both our science skills and our souls.

My role within the company as Chief Strategy Officer is to discover the path to realise our dream and translate our strategy into implementation. But also to initiate the strategic R&D, build strategic partnerships and to prepare HAEDES for future challenges.

haedes piet haerens

Renaat De Sutter

Founder – Chief Efficiency & External Officer – CEO

I consider myself as rational, down-to-earth, opportunity driven, proud and stubborn. Trust and integrity are my core values.

I’m an experienced engineer with degrees in civil engineering, environmental science and a PhD in morphology & sediment transport.

Having worked in all continents for large companies and international donors, I am proud to use our Flemish/Belgian expertise to co-solve international water related challenges, enjoying the honest relation with local stakeholders.

My first field of expertise is related to integrated coastal zone management, sediment management and dredging. Secondly, I was one of the pioneers in integrated water management in Flanders and later on in the field of adaptation to climate change.

I’m also part-time professor Integrated Water Management at Ghent University, Belgium. Helping students bridge the gap between university and the working society keeps my mind young and open. Developing science into engineering practice is my angle of doing business.

As Chief Efficiency Officer of Haedes, I keep track of financial aspects and the day-to-day operational issues within the company.

My role as Chief External Officer includes the business development and PR activities of Haedes.

Foto Renaat De Sutter